It is normal for a computer to slow down over time?

This is question that many have asked in the online world, and it seems to be a primary question exclusively centered around the use of Windows machines.  The speed of the computer may significantly decrease and it may take longer to respond to simple commands such as opening folders and surfing the Internet. Often, the slowdown of a computer is related to the way in which Windows leaves residual fragments in memory when opening and closing files, or programs. Fortunately, there are several ways to speed up your PC and improve its performance. Some of the basic things you can do to speed up your PC include:

Disk Cleanup & Deleting Files

Defragmenting the hard disk Performing a "Disk Cleanup&quo Deleting unnecessary folders and filesIdentifying & uninstalling/disabling unessential programsScanning and removing viruses/spyware/adwareFixing registry errors Upgrading your hardware

Defragmenting the Hard Disk?

Aimated character using the computerDefragmenting the hard disk arranges the files in the hard drive to provide more space for new ones. Disk cleanup, on the other hand, cleans up the hard disk by deleting all unnecessary files. Reinstalling the operating system means renewing the platform of the computer. All others are self-explanatory. When all of these are followed, the computer will surely run faster.If you are a computer beginner, it may take time for you to do all of the above-mentioned tips.


Fortunately, offers "System Mechanic," a software that comes as an all-in-one solution for your computer problems. It solves some of the major causes of system slowdown, which includes registry errors, registry bloat, program misalignment, memory leaks, RAM fragmentation, hard drive fragmentation, startup problems, issues with the Internet settings and unneeded programs and files.The "System Mechanic" software automatically fixes PC problems without the need to fix them manually. For example,

Software detects all your files

instead of going through your files one by one, the software detects which files have not been in use for a significant amount of time. It then deletes them for you so that you do not have to go over them. It also automatically backs up the registry for maximum safety, fixes registry problems, makes sure that the registry is compact, defragments the hard drive, accelerates operating system performance and repairs system failures and other security flaws. Another software that offers is the "System Shield," a program that provides security from 2.1 million different threats and viruses, including worms, Trojan horses, spyware, malware, rootkits, bots, keyloggers, adware, backdoor and other harmful threats to your computer system. The best thing about it is that the software runs quietly in the background, does not slow down the computer and does not interrupt gaming or Internet surfing. It blocks off all entry-points and makes sure that the same kinds of viruses will not bother your system again.For those who want the "System Mechanic" software and other perks, you may choose "System Mechanic Pro.

More Aditional Features

It includes the "System Mechanic" software that help you speed up your PC, plus a virus protection program, advanced spyware protection, secure online backup, secure data removal and deleted data rescue program.

Ultimately, the speed of your computer will depend on how often you do the necessary maintenance and repair. You should understand what the computer needs in order to function properly. If you to try speed up your PC and make sure that it is properly maintained, it can last several years without the need for repair.

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