This reusable/washable mask is made by Brio Creations. It is made out of 100% polyester and comes with 25 disposable filters. Both mask and filters are manufactured in Canada. It is designed with optimal comfort and contains a filter pocket where you can insert disposable filters. These filters provide 99%+ BFE/PFE. It is designed with adjustable bands for a secure fit. It comes in a timeless black color! Additional filters are available and sold separately. Please contact us.

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Our High Quality masks are reusable and washable, with a filter pocket on the inside to provide protection and comfort simultaneously. They are 100% polyester and come stitched with cotton on the inside. (Filters are sold separately). 
Have your custom logo printed on our masks (please call to inquire).
                                                                            100% MADE IN CANADA

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Brio Creations is proud to introduce 99%+ BFE/PFE face mask filters. These filters are used in masks for filtering any airborne particles and provide you with a comfortable breathing experience. The Filters are designed in a way to fit any masks that have pockets. They can be added in the pocket of cloth masks or be used as a layer in any regular cloth mask as well. The design of the filter is easily foldable and can be used with mask of any size or shape. These are made, cut and packaged inhouse at our Factory.
Custom size options are also available. Please get in touch with us.

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Get it in a pack of 25, 50, 100 or order custom packaging.

Your Safety is our #1 Priority.