Heat seal poly bags, mylar bags, or foil bags with ease. Our industrial, stationary and portable hand-held heat sealers provide a convenient heat source to create pouches and bags out of materials lined with polyethylene. Commercial applications only! Not for consumer, or in-home use. These are not for use with consumer food-saver type bags.

We also carry a wide variety of barrier materials that can be converted into heat seal bags and tubing using these heat sealers.  For a list of these materials, visit our barrier materials page.

Hand Held Commercial Bag Sealers

Table Top Heat Sealers / Vacuum Sealers

vacuum heat sealers


vacuum heat sealer





We make bags of all sizes, but we have lots of customers that buy rolls of material to make their own bags using heat sealers just like these. These sealers can be used to make small pouches, or large irregular covers for something as large as a C-130. Use only with heavy duty flexible barrier materials that are designed to be used with heat sealers. These are not meant for home use with food saver storage bags.