Site Assessment

We’ll send consultants to your facility to perform an overall assessment of your current needs. We’ll review your current inventory and or machinery and carefully review levels of damage from corrosion or exposure to the elements.


Our consultants carefully document all findings during an assessment.  We classify items into categories noting specific levels of corrosion, whether or not the item can be salvaged, and details of the items composition and storage environment.


Our assessment and documentation will yield products and equipment grouped in categories depending on their particular level of deterioration. Based on these groupings, our consultants make specific recommendations taking into account the metal composition of the items, conditions in which they will be stored, and length of time they will be stored. Recommendations include:

  • How to clean or prepare the products and machinery for packaging
  • What materials and products are needed to preserve the items
  • How to properly seal barrier materials for maximum effectiveness


Protective Packaging’s team of professionals will implement documented recommendations to specifications. This means we will send a team to your facility to package items according to the defined solution. The team will use designated materials and methods to ensure the entire facility is properly secured.

Education and Training

Our workers will conduct demonstrations and training sessions to ensure your staff is properly informed on how to implement and maintain effective corrosion prevention solutions.