There are undoubtedly thousands of uses for most of the materials we supply, but our clients have largely had success with these products for the following purposes:


Our corrosion prevention, protection, and control solutions combine desiccants, barrier materials, VCI emitters and other rust prohibiting components. We specialize in corrosion protection during shipping and storage.


From the largest pieces of equipment to the smallest parts, proper packaging is essential whether the objects are destined for storage or transportation.

Long-Term Storage

Our moisture barrier bags and desiccants offer the best protection currently available on the market. Available in any size, these sealed bags provide a guaranteed protection for 20 years or more. Moisture barrier materials provide the ideal solution for corrosion prevention during long term storage.


Weather is a natural enemy of many products. The combination of water, humidity and exposure to oxygen can rapidly cause the development of corrosion. Fortunately, at Protective Packaging Corporation, we offer a number of effective outdoor storage covering solutions and protective covers.